Stephanie West-Puckett

writing, teaching, studying new media and digital rhetorics

About Me

Stephanie Head ShotI am a digital rhetorician, compositionist, and activist scholar– engaging digital writing, new media, critical web literacies, and professional communication in K12, university, and community learning environments.  I am passionate about innovative, research-based writing pedagogy and write and manage grants that build university/school/community collaborations to leverage digital media for student, teacher, and community empowerment.

As a non-tenure track faculty member, I have taught writing at East Carolina University for the past twelve years  and started my journey there as a PhD student in Rhetoric, Writing, and Professional Communication in fall 2011.  As a teacher, a student, and a researcher, I am continually energized, pushed, and mentored by my English Department student and faculty colleagues as well as my colleagues in the National Writing Project.  I deeply appreciate the opportunities ECU, NWP, and my local Tar River Writing Project site have afforded in terms of professionalization in the field of writing studies and digital media.

While I don’t make real distinctions between professional and personal life, I do make, hack, and play (as well as research) in maker spaces and DIY groups, enjoy the heck out of Doctor Who and other British TV shows, get excited about digital rhetorics and feminisms, and love to geek out with my uber-creative kiddos and my amazing partner.   I live in a tiny town in Eastern, NC, and I think of myself as a citizen of my local community and of the world.

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